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Do You Have Enough CoQ10?


Did you know…

CoQ10 is an antioxidant that is made by your body. Without it, your cells don’t have what they need for both growth and maintenance.

It is important to help heal external wounds, help your heart beat well eat well, and ensure your metabolism is working properly.

The problem with CoQ10 is that a lot of people have not heard of it, and when they do, they often find themselves scratching their heads.

I know I did…and if you’re anything like me, you’re probably not going to keep the term CoQ10 in your brain with ease.

So here’s what you need to be aware of:

As you get older, it gets harder and harder to get the amount of CoQ10 you need from dietary sources.

(And in case you’re wondering what foods are good sources of CoQ10, you want to eat grains, fish, and whole grains if you can tolerate them.)

Since it’s so hard to get what you need from food as you age, you are absolutely going to have to supplement.  I’d say if you’re over 40, work with your doctor to stay on top of your levels.

Once you notice they are falling and you can’t get your CoQ10 levels higher with diet, supplement.

Additionally…if you discover you’re having issues with your heart or if your energy levels drop and you don’t know why…check your CoQ10 levels.

No matter your age or diet, you may find you have to supplement.

When you do, you may find you experience…

  • Increased energy…
  • More optimized athletic performance…
  • A healthier heartbeat…
  • More-balanced blood sugar levels…
  • Fewer headache and migraine problems…
  • Better-looking skin…
  • A reduced risk of heart failure…and even…
  • Improved sperm count and fertility!!

Because CoQ10 is necessary for survival, it affects a LOT.

Right now, Doctors and researchers are unsure of  weather low levels of CoQ10 cause certain diseases or are the result of certain chronic diseases.

Researchers are trying to get to the bottom of that, currently.

Regardless of which conclusion the eventually reach, please know that you need it.

So take a look at how you’ve been feeling lately? Is your heart feeling good? Is your metabolism working like it should? How is your energy?

If you didn’t give a quick, positive answer for each question, it’s possible that you don’t have enough CoQ10 in your body and you need assistance.

Quick question for you: Have you ever heard of or supplemented with CoQ10 or is this the first time you’ve heard of it? If you’ve supplemented, how did it go for you? What were your results? I’d love to know!